My name is Steve Wilson and I am admittedly "a health nut."

It was not always so.

To make a long story short, I was once growing up unhealthy and overweight.  One day, I got sick and tired of being fat, sick and tired. I learned and continue to learn as much as I can about how to be healthy.  I used to spend a small fortune at the health food store buying supplements for myself and now a family of six people.  Then I came across a video from one of my health heroes, Ty Bollinger, best-selling author and producer of the Truth about Cancer, Quest for the Cures doc-series. He was discussing the amazing health benefits of a plant named Moringa Oleifera and a company Zija International.  I had heard of people losing weight and overcoming health challenges while using Zija products.  However, I didn’t know about the opportunity to get the product for free or create residual passive income simply by “sharing” health with others, something I was already passionate about!  

My belief in the Zija products was further validated when Ty Bollinger had me talk to Dr. Howard Fisher, renowned author and lecturer and one of the foremost authorities on Anti-aging and Moringa oleifera. When both of these men willingly offered to do anything they could to help me be successful in building my own Zija business (including flying to my town to host meetings), I was overwhelmed. I found out a couple nights later when I attended a local Zija meeting, this spirit of cooperation and genuine concern for helping others was not unique to Ty and Dr. Howie but one that permeates the company. As one Zija distributor told me that night, “we’re a Zija family.”

I am thrilled to be part of the “Zija family.” If you want to take the most nutritionally-rich plant on God’s good creation, if you would like to change your life and the lives of others with this exciting product and business opportunity, then I invite you to come join our “Zija family” as well. 

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