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Dr. Howard Fisher

Dr. Howard Fisher is a natural doctor, author of 17 books on health, world-wide lecturer and peer reviewed author with special interests in Anti-Aging medicine.  He is on a mission to educate the public about environmental toxic factors and their direct relationship to our health. His latest book “Moringa Oleifera: Magic Myth or Miracle” details the relationship between health, disease and nutrition. “If our current food chain gave us nutrition, our incidence of disease would be much lower."

Ty Bollinger

Ty Bollinger, best selling author, has made it his life mission to share the fact that “the vast majority of all diseases can be easily prevented and even cured without drugs or surgery, by providing the body the fuel that it needs for optimal performance.” Ty has appeared numerous times on FOX News, and he co-hosts a weekly radio show called “Outside the Box Wednesdays.” The producer of The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” which aired in October 2015 and was viewed by over 5 million people worldwide will share the steps you can take to change your life!

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Facebook: CancerTruth and The Truth About Cancer
Twitter: @CancerTruthNews

Dr. Darrell Wolfe Ac.PhD.

Dr. Darrell Wolfe directed The North American Institute for the Advancement of Colon Therapy for 15 years and was also the head of one of North America’s leading natural cancer treatment and preventative care centers.

Dr. Wolfe’s home base is Kelowna, British Columbia, where he treats, teaches and consults patients at the Doc of Detox Clinic, locally and globally.

He i s the director of the prestigious ‘International Training Institute of Health’, where he teaches and certifies his unique method in Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration & Whole Life Coaching to students, health professionals and holistic schools worldwide.

One of the biggest contributions Dr. Wolfe provides are his public courses, ‘Supercharge Your Life’, ‘Awakening Transformation’ and ‘One-on-One/Couples’ treatment and training.

Dr. Wolfe has 35 years of experience and is known as the ‘Doc of Detox’. He is also known for his role in the internationally acclaimed three part cancer docu-series, ‘The
Global Quest For The Cure’.

Dr. Wolfe’s best selling book ‘Healthy to 100’ is the foundation from which he created his one-of-a-kind ‘Healthy To 100 Club’ to educate and empower the general public with lifechanging, foundational tools, tips and strategies so anyone can Master their life and live ‘Healthy To 100’.

David Moses, Zija International

David Moses is the Master Distributor and the Number 1 # Income Earner for ZIJA International. Want to be a TOP EARNER? Join us and work with the best! David Moses is recognized as one of the most dynamic business mentors, speakers, trainer, and success coach in the direct sales industry. His ability to coach success in network marketing, sponsor, and teach has resulted in many successful team members around the world. David’s own personal success in network marketing has made him his fortune and afforded him a personal lifestyle with all the luxuries he desires. David lives every day with an abundance mentality, which is the secret backbone to his success!

His career spans two decades as a multi-million dollar earner, senior corporate executive in Network Marketing, and master distributor for several companies.Where did David Moses come from? David came from modest beginnings. He was born in London, England and came to Canada with his family at the age of 8. When he finished high school, he ended up in the family business (one of the early home hardware stores). He still remembered fixing plate-glass-window early in the morning.

Later in life, David left the family business and joined his brother in the restoration collectible cars business. Together, they built one of the largest collectible car restoration shops in Canada and the most unique in North America. To this day, David has a fond love of exotic cars!

How did David Moses get into network marketing? One day while he was visiting his accountant’s office, he dropped by the unemployment office on the same floor. Out of curiosity, he picked up the “Employment News” newspaper and wondered what was going on in the job market. He spotted an ad titled “$100k A Year Potential” with an expanding international company. He was immediately intrigued, and applied the same day.

David Moses is a business builder. He is the Master Distributor and Top Income Earner Worldwide for Zija International, with a global organization that is nearing the 200,000 distributor mark worldwide. At present David is looking to partner with a select few people to offer personal mentoring and to teach powerful and effective network marketing training strategies to support your success. "I will invest both money and time in good people"

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